Saturday, 11 April 2015

Memoirs of a trip to the mountains!

This is from my trip to the mountains in May 2014.

Originally,our travel itinerary was to go from Bir to Dharamshala and end it with Dalhousie. The four of us,my mom,dad and my little sister Kavya went all excited and took a bus from Delhi To Baijpur which is near Bir.We reached Bir amidst heavy rains and an awesome climate. I love rains. And being surrounded by mountains and greenery all around you was feeling pretty good.The hotel we stayed at Bir was pretty homely with a place for the family to play carom and a mini library with really nice songs playing in the background.

See what I mean about the lovely rains.They make everything look green and blue. Oh and in this particular picture, colourful as a rainbow because of my umbrella and the flags.The have an interesting story to tell.The five colour represents the five elements of earth and have prayers written on them.And the locales believe that when the winds come and blow them,they are blessed.


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  2. Keep posting! Hope to trek with you someday, somewhere. :D

    1. I will keep posting :D Thank you. I ought to know your identity before we trek together :)